Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging and Stimulation

IDUS™ is a standalone, high-end ultrasound system that uses advanced technologies. It is compatible with standard ultrasound imaging systems as well. It complements the traditional pulse-echo scanning systems, adding key additional information crucial to the task of breast screening and the early detection of anomalies. A schematic comparison of traditional ultrasound and IDUS™ excitations (see below) shows the underlying physical principle used in the developed technology - while in traditional ultrasound imaging, an echo is returned by the target's interface (see the first image below), in IDUS™ sound is emitted by the microcalcifications in response to a proprietary ultrasonic excitation (see the middle and lower images). The result is a platform for the complete automated detection, location and classification of breast microcalcification, an anatomical marker proven to be associated with breast cancer.

Pulse Echo

IDUS™ Ultrasound

IDUS™ Response