Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging and Spectral Analysis

IDUSTM is a fully automated, standalone, hands-free, high-end ultrasound system empowered by advanced radar/sonar technologies for precision target/marker acquisition and positioning. IDUSTM is compatible with other ultrasound imaging systems with handheld transducers as well, complementing the traditional pulse-echo scanning features with the adding key additional binary information crucial for preventive breast screening and early detection of anomalies. A comparative simulation between the traditional pulse-echo and IDUS™ coded-excitation feature (see below) shows the underlying differences in the physics principles. While in traditional pulse-echo, an ultrasonic echo is backscattered from the target's interface (see the first simulation segment below) to form an ultrasound gray-scale image, in IDUS™ certain band of proprietary coded-stimulation frequencies are delivered to the field of view, resulting in every individual layer/object, however small, which is exposed to the imposing force (see the middle and lower segments below) to emit a corresponding response signal/s, which may be different from the backscattered frequencies that form the gray-scale image. The stimuli-induced response/s will be sensed and recorded by a set of specialized sensors strategically placed around the breast. Such important binary (I/0) information is then color-coded and superimposed onto the gray-scale image, providing an additional level of early detection which allows for effective follow-up monitoring without the concerns about limiting factors such as ionizing radiation, sensitivity/specificity and false-positive issues, age, breast density, implants, pregnancy, lactating and radiation therapy.

Pulse Echo

IDUS™ Ultrasound

IDUS™ Response